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Heynature - Plasma Device 1 pc
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Brand from South Korea: Heynature. Plasma contains highly chemical reactive substances such as active OH radical, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. So it is a sterilization technology which can simultaneously treat physical and chemical processes. Have Skin purification effect: Purify skin from bacteria, viruses etc and alleviate various skin troubles. Other than Staphylococcus, atopy's main reason, plasma is effective on Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Moreover, plasma has also proved its sterilization effects on many fields such as farming industries and pet industries.Electromagnetic poles and ions emitted from plasma boost skin cell production thus markedly increase skin regeneration ability. Energy is reached not only to the epidermis but also to the corium, and it helps collagen production which heals any skin wounds in short time. It brings anti-aging effect. Plasma helps normalization of treatment area by destroying harmful cells and activating normal cells. When plasma stimulates the skin, its hydrophilicity and absorption highly increases because the surface energy gets highly activated. There is a research result that absorption of endothelial growth factor(EGF) cream increases by maximum 4~8 times after plasma treatment. Plasma ions are emitted in such tiny sizes which are even smaller than skin pores so that the skin gets stimulated. Since this product is used directly on skin, there should be no heat, and stability should be secured by low driving voltage. The core technology is to let anyone, even those with sensitive skin, use the product anytime anywhere. Ion state plasma emitted when using the device transfers energy to the skin so that skin moisturization and abirritation can be helped, and is also effective on condition management of sensitive skins. Heynature Plasma Device (HPN-01) emits skin-friendly and healthy plasma energy which is even more tiny than skin pores and transfers the energy to the skin. Excellent stability due to heatless low driving voltage. Even can be used on sensitive skin without any stimulation due to low-stimuli plasma emitting technology. Skin trouble care effect due to plasma's excellent sterilization function. Cleansing effect of skin tone and texture due to cell activation of plasma's skin regeneration function. Improve dead skin cell, sebum, dryness and other trouble care due to plasma's moisturization function. Satisfaction coming from reasonable price since treatment can be done at home by customers themselves. How to use: 1st Mode: Wash the area you want to use this product thoroughly before using it. To maximize the plasma's effect, there should be no cosmetics, sunblock, or any other impurities on the area of usage. After cleansing, let the skin dry completely and then use this product. If the skin still has moisture,

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